Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management: Physical Education teacher candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.
Element 4.1: Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills across a variety of
instructional formats.

Artifact #1: EDU 256 Field Experience Bulletin Board

Date: Winter 2011

Reflection: The EDU 256 - Seminar for Field Experience Field Experience Bulletin Board was used to communicate information related to physical education outside of the gymnasium. This artifact meets Element 4.1 of Standard 4 because it is an effective way to share information with students outside of physical education class. It is a supplementary form of communicating information that physical educators want their students to acquire. This artifact is important to my development as a physical education teacher because physical educators do not always have the opportunity to discuss or elaborate on all of the information they want to in class due to limited time. It also gives physical educators the benefit of having their students see information related to physical education on a daily basis as well as their colleagues.

Element 4.4: Recognize the changing dynamics of the environment and adjust instructional tasks based on
student responses.

Artifact #2: EDU 355 Field Experience
                  Lesson Reflections

                  Lesson Plan #1 / Lesson Reflection #1
                  Lesson Plan #2 / Lesson Reflection #2

Date: Spring 2011

Reflection: The EDU 355 - The Physical Education Curriculum: Planning & Practice Field Experience Lesson Reflections were used to compare the lessons that my partner and I taught to our lesson plans, analyze how effectively the lesson went, and reflect on how we can adjust the lesson and how we teach it based on student responses. This artifact meets Element 4.4 of Standard 4 because my partner and I looked at our lessons plans and compared them to how we actually taught the lesson. We then reflected on what we thought went well and what we thought we would change if we were to teach the lesson again. This artifact is important to my development as a physical education teacher because physical educators need to not just be a teacher but a reflective teacher. They need to take the time to analyze their lesson and determine what sparked the students' interest and what fell flat, what worked and what did not work, so they can become a better and more effective teacher. A reflective teacher is a successful teacher.