SHAPE America Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education

Physical Education Leaders
The following documents I created for my own PE classes and gymnasium. Feel free to use them in your gym!

 Document Type  Description
 Animal Movements Game  Various pictures of animals and a movement to do. Can be used to play the game
 "We're Going on Safari!" The teacher acts as the safari guide and leads the class
 around the gym to find the animals (have the students put on their binoculars!).
 Once an animal is found, the students will perform the movement associated with
 the animal.
 Color Fitness TagGame Taggers will carry various colored beanbags. When they tag a student they give the
 student the beanbag. The tagged student will bring the beanbag to the wall where
 the visual aids are to match the color of the beanbag to the color on the picture. The
 student will then do the exercise that matches up. After they complete the
 exercise, they become the new tagger.
 Enhance Student Learning
 with Technology
 Infographic Infographic describing why teachers should use technology, what technology can
 be used, what the TPACK framework consists of, who should use technology, and
 how anyone can get started using technology to enhance student learning.
 Fitness Stations Instant
 Various exercises to use for a fitness stations warm-up.
 PE Word Wall
 Visual Aid
 Words that can be used for a PE word wall, including fitness, health-related fitness,
 skill-related fitness, muscles, and nutrition terms.
 Work It Out Wall
 The concept of the Work It Out Wall is to empower students to resolve their
 problems without the help of a teacher, and as a result, teaches them the skill of
 conflict resolution. (Adapted from Ben Landers)
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